Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Are Not Willing To Do!

  1. Send a Handwritten Note for every encounter. Do something others in your industry are not doing! Stand out.
  2. When you see something in print that relates to someone’s business cut it out; copy and paste or send the URL along with a personal note.
  3. Ask your clients for referrals – do this once you know they are happy with you, your company and your product or service. People love to help, but you have to ask!
  4. Proactively ASK for referrals for your networking partners. The client wins because you refer them to someone who will be of value to them, and your networking partner wins because they get a new business opportunity. You win because you are becoming more valuable in the eyes of your client. In addition, your networking partners will think of you more often and refer you. (Givers Gain // Pay it Forward).
  5. ALWAYS thank the person who gives you a referral. You can simply send a thank you note, a gift or a referral fee depending on your relationship. ALWAYS update them on the status of the referral. Thank them again when it becomes a sale.
  6. Give two of your business cards to someone of influence – one to keep and one to share and tell them “One is to keep and one is to share!”.
  7. Attend a networking event where the attendees are people you want to network with and / or sell. Have a goal of what you want to accomplish at the networking event (Remember it is NOT to make a sale). Establish goals before you go – the # of people you want to meet, WHO you want to meet (a Vending Company, an Estate Attorney, the law firm you saw signed up for the event…). Let others you meet at the event know what your goals are.
  8. ALWAYS offer to GIVE before you ASK for something.
  9. Have additional products or services to offer to every client – another reason to touch them.
  10. Every day make an appointment or make a sale – both are of equal value to growing your business and generating income.
  11. Call or visit a client you have not seen or talk to in 6 months. Great opportunity to sell additional products or services, as well as introduce your networking partners.


By Susan Bierly 

IMC Water Coolers / President

MasterMind Professional Development & Networking / Owner

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