How did you decide to pursue the career that you are working in today?

When I read the course description for HR Management at my graduate alma mater, I was in LOVE.  I thought to myself, “I can do this…I’m in!”.  That was literally my introduction to HR and shortly afterwards, I got hired in my first HR role at a hospital.  As a backdrop, my mom worked in HR for over 30 years and I guess somewhere along the way, it was secretly resonating with me.  I spent 17 years in corporate HR and decided that I could take that knowledge and help more people and more businesses by being a business owner.  From that, HRPro4You was born. The rest is “her”story ☺

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful leader?

Listening (and hearing!!!)



What habits helped make you successful?

The number one thing I’ve done that I believe has led to success for me (and doors being opened for me) is surrounding myself with people that are smarter than me.  Secondly, I’ve watched others who are successful and mimicked their successes that made sense for my business.  Third, I’ve had to learn that there is nothing new under the sun – and I’m not in this business to reinvent the wheel.

What’s your productivity secret?

I surround myself with other productive people and I watch what they do.  I ask questions and apply what makes sense.  I am also an extremely visual person, so I write things down.  It helps me commit them to memory.  I try to be consistent as much as possible so that things that are working become a habit, and I always try to recognize early on, what is a waste of time so I can cut it and move on.

What motivates you?

Having happy clients motivates me to keep going.  HR is not easy, or even liked by many for that matter.  But knowing that I’m giving 110% to my clients every day and that I have their best interest in the forefront, makes me want to continue giving my all.   


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