Some of the questions Kelly answers in this episode:

      • [06:00] –  Was being an entrepreneur and business woman your dream as a kid?
      • [08:00] –  What were some of the big lessons you learned about business and about yourself [as a CPA]?
      • [10:00] –  Take us through the transition from CPA to CEO of your own company? How did that unfold and over what period?
      • [13:40] –  Are there any rituals or routines that help to sharpen your mind and keep you grounded?
      • [14:45] –  Is Taylor Leonard Corporation more of a lifestyle brand?
      • [16:00] –  Could you share with us one of your road blocks that caused you to have to take a major detour.  Tell us about that challenging time, what happened and how you were able to overcome it and get back on track?
      • [20:00] –  How has family had an effect on shaping the business woman that you are today?
      • [21:45] –  Why is LinkedIn so valuable for those that learn to use it effectively?
      • [24:15] –  What could we put into practice today to make LinkedIn more effective for us?
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Kelly Leonard’s Bio

Kelly Leonard is a speaker, trainer, award-winning CEO, and former Fortune 500 Vice President. A certified public accountant (CPA-inactive) and corporate trainer with over twenty-five years serving government, non-profit, private and public industries [including Fortune 100], Kelly has an innate ability to connect with diverse audiences across disciplines.

Prior to becoming CEO of Taylor-Leonard Corporation (T-LC), Kelly held leadership positions with GE Capital, Kaiser Permanente, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Currently, Kelly oversees T-LC’s [LinkedIn] training and business development practices. Kelly has personally trained 5,000+ participants using the same methodologies that resulted in her firm generating $500,000+ in new consulting revenue in their core IT competency (Customer Relationship Management) within the first 24 months of strategy implementation.

Although Taylor-Leonard Corporation’s clients include government agencies, non-profits, and publicly traded companies, Kelly’s most passionate about leveraging the best practices of multinational enterprises to be a catalyst, compass, and connector of new business development and expansion for entrepreneurs and the small business community.

Kelly is a wife and mother of two teenagers. In addition to serving as marriage mentors in their local church, Kelly and her husband, Jerome, are Area Developers for Nehemiah Project; a global non-profit organization whose mission is to build and equip kingdom businesses globally using Christian business training, education, and coaching tools.

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